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UPDATE: Woman who lost her arm in Maui shark attack dies

23 August, 2013

In an update to the SharkAttackMonitor Report posted 17 August 2013 — news reports say Jana Lutteropp died in hospital a week after the shark attack off Palauea Beach in Makena, Maui, Hawaii in which she lost her arm.

“Jana fought hard to stay alive,” her relatives said on Wednesday. “However, we are sad to say that she lost her fight today.”


INJURED – 30 November 2012 – Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – snorkeller bitten

21 January, 2013
Thomas Floyd Kennedy recovers in a Maui hopsital after being bitten by shark while snorkelling

Thomas Floyd Kennedy recovers in a Maui hopsital after being bitten by shark while snorkelling

Thomas Floyd Kennedy, 61, was bitten on the thigh and lower left leg by a shark while snorkelling off Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. The incident happened around 9.40am about 250 metres offshore near Kihei.

The victim was treated on shore and taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

“Initially it didn’t hurt so much. It was mostly just fear of a second attack,” he was quoted as saying.

He said he was snorkelling with two others. They rode paddle boards to a spot more than 250 metres off the Kihei coastline.

Kennedy said he felt a tug and looked down to see his leg in the shark’s mouth.

“It released me. So I started swimming as fast as I could. I would guess I was a still a hundred yards from my board,” he said. “As I went further, I started to bleed. I could see a string of blood, which was my next concern.”

Crew from Wailea Canoe Club who were in the water at the time helped him to shore.

Kennedy and experts reckon it was 10 foot tiger shark that bit him.

Maui News

Oregon Live

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Screen grab from Maui News video

UPDATE – Seychelles FATAL shark attack – 1 August 2011

11 August, 2011

This is just a brief update to this story which has received a lot of attention on the SharkAttackMonitor.

The Shark Attack File names the victim who died following a shark attack at Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles as Nicolas Virolle, age 36.

From a series of witness accounts it is clear that he was snorkelling off Anse Lazio on Praslin island, Seychelles when the attack took place around 3.30pm on Monday 1 August 2011.

It is not known what species of shark it was or how big it was.

He suffered a massive bite to his left thigh – from the knee to the hip exposing the bone. He was brought ashore by two Seychellois in a small boat. It appears he died from blood loss before an ambulance could get to the scene.

Some locals say the shark was attracted into the bay by fish waste that was thrown overboard from boats anchored off Anse Lazio.

INJURED – 4 July 2010 – 2 Mile Reef, Sodwana Bay, Zululand, South Africa – snorkeler attacked

8 July, 2010

Sarah Haiden, 21, was attacked by a shark and bitten on the lower left leg while swimming off Sodwana Bay in northern Zululand on Sunday, 4 July 2010.

According to media reports fought off the shark while snorkelling 2km offshore at Two Mile Reef.

She was quoted as saying: “While the guys were diving a friend and I were snorkelling. My friend got back into the boat and I was swimming to the buoy where the divers had gone down. I started swimming back to the boat when I felt something bump me. At first I thought one of the divers was playing a joke on me but realised that they were too deep to have come up so quickly.

“The next thing I saw this shark in front of me as it went for my legs. I kicked out at it as I had heard that you should try and kick them in the face to chase them away. It grabbed my left leg, and I kept kicking and screaming like a banshee. Luckily, for some reason it let go of my leg and swam away.”

According the skipper of the dive boat, when the boat was about 20 metres away from her they heard her screaming and saw her being pulled under the water. They also saw a shark fin break the surface near her.

She was pulled into the boat and given first aid and then taken to shore and transported to nearby Mseleni Hospital and later transferred to the Bay Hospital in Richards Bay.

She was due be discharged on 8 July.

Source: IOL