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FATAL – 22 November 2012 — Nuevo Altata, Sinaloa, Mexico – lifeguard attacked

21 January, 2013
Nuevo Altata, Sinaloa, Mexico

Nuevo Altata, Sinaloa, Mexico

Lifeguard Fernando Cárdenas García, 32, died in hospital from his wounds after being attacked by a shark as he tried to free his rubber dingy which had become entangled in rope in high surf. He’d dived overboard to cut the rope when the shark bit him on the leg. The wound extended to his buttock and calf.

The incident occurred around 11.30am on November 22, 2012 off Nuevo Altata, Sinaloa, Mexico.

The lifeguard was rescued by his companions and taken to hospital, but he succumbed to his wounds.

No other details were reported.

The Mazatlan Messenger

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Playas de Altata

INJURED – 29 May 2012 – Boca de la Leña, La Unión, Mexico – diver bitten

14 June, 2012

Benigno Medina Navarrete recovers in hospital after losing his left hand from a shark bite.

Benigno Medina Navarrete,  46, lost his left hand when a shark bit him while he was fishing. He nearly lost his entire left forearm in the attack while was diving with his friend off Boca de la Leña in La Unión, Mexico. It is not clear if he was spearfishing. Some reports say he was fishing, some say he was diving.

His friend helped him ashore, placed a tourniquet on his arm and then took him to Hospital General de Lázaro Cárdenas where he underwent emergency surgery.

He told media he is thankful his friend got him to hospital quicky which saved his life.

He said: “I felt a sharp pain, but I held strong … and I asked God, ‘Help me … I still want see my children and my family.'”

The incident happened around 9am on 29 May 2012.

Some reports say it was a bull shark about 3 metres long.


El Sol De Zamora
Diario ABC

Despertar de la Costa

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Diario ABC

Shark researchers catch massive great white off Mexico

9 May, 2011
massive shark caught off Mexico

A massive great white shark measuring 5.5 metres caught and released by researchers off Mexico

An expedition crew for the TV show Shark Men showing on the National Geographic channel have caught and released what they claim is the biggest great white shark they have caught. They caught the huge beast off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The male shark measured 17.9 feet or 5.5 metres.

“He was all scarred up and had big marks all over him – you could tell he was just a bad-ass shark,” one of the crew was quoted as saying.

They fitted the shark with a satellite tracking tag so they can study the shark’s migration patterns.

National Geographic

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National Geographic

INJURED — 24 March 2011 — Gaviotas Beach, Cancun, Mexico — swimmer attacked

28 March, 2011

A Russian woman, name not released, was bitten on the foot by a shark while swimming about 100 metres offshore of Gaviotas Beach in Cancun, Mexico. She suffered a 20 cm gash to her foot and was taken to a local hospital. The incident happened on Thursday 24 March 2010.

According to a local lifeguard she went swimming against a shark warning issued by lifeguards.

No other details were reported.


INJURED – 31 January 2011 – Cancun, Mexico – swimmer attacked

16 February, 2011
Nicole Moore shark attack

Nicole Moore is placed on a stretcher and taken to hospital following a shark attack which left serious injuries to her left thigh and arm.

Nicole Moore, 38 (also referred to as Nicole Ross & Nicole Ruth – depending on which media you read) lost an arm (according to some reports) and suffered serious injuries to her left leg after being attacked by a shark while swimming just off the beach in Cancun. The incident happened on Monday 31 January 2011.

The Times Colonist reports that she was attacked while she was swimming just 15 metres from the shore.

She was taken to Hospiten, a private Cancun hospital, where she underwent surgery. A doctor there said her injuries were not life-threatening.

In an interview with CKLW radio in Windor, Canada (Moore is from Canada) she was quoted as saying:

“As soon as it bit, I knew what it was.”

“It got my arm. And when he or she — whatever it was — got hold of my arm, it bit down pretty good and she was trying to pull me under.”

She said she heard alerts from a lifeguard as other swimmers left the water but did not understand his Spanish warnings.

“I just felt this first bump and then this bite. It bit me right on the upper thigh of the left leg.”

She said she tried to move toward the shoreline, but it continued to attack. “With my [free] hand, I just grabbed hold of its nose and just reached my arm out away from it and started running.”

The reports on whether her arm was severed or amputated are not clear. And as some reports do not mention this at all, it may not be the case that she did lose her arm.


Times Colonist

National Post

Herald Sun


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National Post

INJURED – reported 30 January 2011 — Revillagigedo Islands off Mexico’s Pacific coast – fisherman bitten

16 February, 2011

C. Pedro Luis Beltrán Camargo (25) was bitten by a shark on his left leg while he was fishing near the Revillagigedo Archipelago (Colima, Mexico), according to .

This follows a brief report by the UK Press Association and published in several media saying:

The Mexican navy said it has rescued a fisherman who was badly bitten by a shark.

A navy statement said sailors received a distress call from a shark fishing boat near the Revillagigedo Islands off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

One of the crew had suffered a serious bite wound on his leg and lost a dangerous amount of blood.

Sailors gave the boat’s captain instructions on how to stabilise the 25-year-old man, and sent an amphibious ship and a helicopter to get him into emergency treatment.

The navy said that he was in stable condition and out of danger.

It did not give details on the attack or say what kind of shark was involved. It is did not give the date of the shark attack.