Shark researchers catch massive great white off Mexico

massive shark caught off Mexico

A massive great white shark measuring 5.5 metres caught and released by researchers off Mexico

An expedition crew for the TV show Shark Men showing on the National Geographic channel have caught and released what they claim is the biggest great white shark they have caught. They caught the huge beast off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The male shark measured 17.9 feet or 5.5 metres.

“He was all scarred up and had big marks all over him – you could tell he was just a bad-ass shark,” one of the crew was quoted as saying.

They fitted the shark with a satellite tracking tag so they can study the shark’s migration patterns.

National Geographic

PIC Source:
National Geographic

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2 Comments on “Shark researchers catch massive great white off Mexico”

  1. Scott Lau Says:

    That’s close to the size of the Great White I observed while snorkeling off the coast of Australia in 2011 with my fiancé.

  2. CHUCK2251 Says:

    sure hope i do not run across this one..not that i will ever go to Mexico again..

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