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BUMPED – 11 August 2013 – The Washout, Folly Beach, South Carolina, USA – surfer’s board bitten

12 August, 2013
Folly Beach shark attack

Surfer talks to media after his board was bitten by a bull shark during a surf contest.

A 10-year-old surfer (not immediately named in press reports) had his board bitten by what is presumed to be a 6-8 foot bull shark while surfing in a contest at The Washout on Folly Beach in South Carolina. The incident happened around 5.30pm on Sunday 11 August 2013.

A witness on the beach said the shark got tangled in his leash. The shark then latched onto his board. The boy managed to undo his leash and swim away from the board. He was not injured.

Two other surfers swam out an helped the boy to shore.

The contest — the S.C. Governor’s Cup of Surfing – was stopped and postponed to September.


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10-year-old surfer talks to media.
Screen grab from video on WISTV

INJURED – 10 September 2012 – Vava’u, Tonga – diver attacked

18 September, 2012

Kylie Maquire recovers in hospital in Tonga following a shark attack.

Treasure hunter Kylie Maguire, 29, suffered serious wounds to her buttocks and thighs from a shark attack in waters off Tonga.

Doctors who treated Kylie in Tonga estimated the length of the shark to be 3m, with teeth about 25mm across and a 40-45cm bite circumference. The shark is thought to be a bull shark.

The incident occurred on Monday 10 September 2012.

The captain of the treasure seeking boat said Kylie had paddled off with a friend in an inflatable kayak from the anchored boat near the Treasure Island Resort in Vava’u about 4pm. The shark attack occurred shortly after this. It is not clear if she was swimming or diving when the attack occurred.

She was treated initially at a hospital in Tonga and then airlifted to Brisbane for further treatment after one of the wounds became infected.

Whitsunday Times


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INJURED – 29 May 2012 – Boca de la Leña, La Unión, Mexico – diver bitten

14 June, 2012

Benigno Medina Navarrete recovers in hospital after losing his left hand from a shark bite.

Benigno Medina Navarrete,  46, lost his left hand when a shark bit him while he was fishing. He nearly lost his entire left forearm in the attack while was diving with his friend off Boca de la Leña in La Unión, Mexico. It is not clear if he was spearfishing. Some reports say he was fishing, some say he was diving.

His friend helped him ashore, placed a tourniquet on his arm and then took him to Hospital General de Lázaro Cárdenas where he underwent emergency surgery.

He told media he is thankful his friend got him to hospital quicky which saved his life.

He said: “I felt a sharp pain, but I held strong … and I asked God, ‘Help me … I still want see my children and my family.'”

The incident happened around 9am on 29 May 2012.

Some reports say it was a bull shark about 3 metres long.


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Diario ABC

INJURED – 23 May 2012 — Jacksonville Beach, Florida, US — surfer bitten

25 May, 2012

Chad Renfro in hospital with bandaged foot after his shark bite wound was stitched up

Chad Renfro, 22, was bitten on the foot by what is believed to be either a 4-5 foot Bull or Lemon shark while surfing off south Jacksonville Beach, Florida in the United States.

He said he was paddling to catch a wave when he felt something bite into his left foot.

“Immediately I knew what it was, so I just paddled back in as fast as I could — caught the next wave in.” He hobbled ashore with blood going everywhere, he told media.

“I was sitting there and people kept looking at me.”

“I was trying to get someone to help me, and then one girl had walked over and I told her to call 911, and then I saw the lifeguards drive by, and so I just hollered for them and they came over.”

Renfro had two or three cuts on one foot and his ankle. The bite severed a nerve, ripped a tendon and took part of his bone. It took 85 stitches to close the wounds.

Renfro said once he’s healed, he will not be not afraid to get back in the water, saying: “Who gets attacked by a shark twice?”

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INJURED – 20 March 2012 – Nobby Beach, Gold Coast, Australia – surfer bitten

20 March, 2012
shark bite at Nobby Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Billy O'Leary lies calmly while paramedics treat his shark bite wound.

Billy O’Leary, 20, suffered a deep 30cm wound to his calf from a bite by a small bull shark while surfing 150 metres off Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia. The incident occurred around 5.05pm on Tuesday 20 March 2012.

A witness said he was lucky not to lose his leg with the bad bite near the ankle.

It is reported the surfer was doing aerials when he fell on the shark, which experts say was feeding on bait fish inshore.

He paddled to shore and a friend called lifeguards who were on the scene in minutes and managed to stem the bleeding before he was taken to Gold Coast Hospital in an ambulance. He was reported in a stable condition.

No other details were reported.


Sydney Morning Herald

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INJURED – 15 March 2012 – Jensen Beach, Florida, US – surfer bitten

16 March, 2012

A surfer (not named) was bitten on the arm by a bull shark while surfing at Jensen Beach, Florida in the US. The incident happened at 3.50pm on Thursday, 15 March 2012.

Reports say he was bitten several times on the arm, but the injuries were not life threatening.

According to the report, the surfer said the shark’s round nose came out of the water. He said the shark was 5 to 6 feet long.

The man refused medical transport and was taken to a local hospital by his wife.

No other details were reported.


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INJURED – 18 January 2012 – Redhead Beach, near Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia – surfer attacked

18 January, 2012
Shark attack surf board redhead beach Australia

A chunk was bitten from this surfboard by a bull shark that attacked a surfer leaving severe lacerations to his thigh.

UPDATE: The surfer’s name is Glen Folkard. He describes how the shark followed his blood trail as he paddled back to the beach after the attack – Daily Telegraph

A surfer, aged 44 (name not released) suffered a large laceration to his upper thigh after being attacked by what is believed to be a bull shark. The shark also bit out a chunk of the man’s surfboard.

The incident happened around 5pm on Wednesday 18 January 2012 at Redhead Beach, near Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

According to press reports the man managed to paddle to shore while losing a lot of blood where he was hauled up the beach by a group of surfers. He was assisted by lifeguards before paramedics arrived and transported him to John Hunter Hospital in a serious condition.

A witness described the scene as if it was from the movie Jaws.

“It was kind of like Jaws, you know, the scene at the start … where everybody’s pulled out of the water and it’s a hot day and the water’s inviting.”

When they pulled him from the water “his skin was really grey, he obviously lost quite a lot of blood”.

No other details were reported.


ABC Online

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