WITNESS ACCOUNT — FATAL attack in Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles — 1 August 2011

Leon witnessed the Fatal Shark attack on 1 August 2011 at Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles. I am reposting his comment.

I would like to express my condolences to the family and frends of the French tourist who died from a shark attack in Praslin.

I was an eyewitness of the attack and saw it happen from the beach. To be clear these wounds could NOT have been caused by a boat propeller. From the moment he screamed there were no boats around him in 30 meters , and they were all lying still. And he was NOT diving he was snorkeling , but was not wearing flippers only a mask and a pipe. People in the Seychelles want to keep it as small as possible only for tourism .

This is how it happened: From the water we heared someone scream at first we did not think it was real. But then we saw a large blood stain appear in the water. Immediately two Seychellios did pick him up out of the water with their boat and did bring him to shore . Where i and some few more people pulled the boat on shore. That’s when we saw the horrifying wound. His left upper leg was al gone from knee till hip only the bone and a small piece of skin were left . He was also missing his left pink. Somebody already called a ambulance but it took a long time before they arrived.

A woman did hold a umbrella to protect him from the sun and gave him some water. I don’t now if she did speak to him. I did not hear him talk, he was in total shock. It did also take a long time before anyone found some peaces of wood to use as a brancard.

I and four more people carried him from the boat to a pick up truck and laid him in the back. That’s when the ambulance arrived and they took over. But i think at that moment he already lost his life. May he rest in peace .

Even if they immediatly did send a chopper from Mahe to Praslin, I think he also would not have survived, because the wound was too big and he lost to much blood.

What maybe have caused this attack is that there were around 6 boats lying in Anse Lazio who probably dropped their fish disposal in the water, and that’s exactly what lures big sharks to these bays. That’s what people in the Seychelles should prevent  happening instead of acting if nothing has happened. — Leon

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One Comment on “WITNESS ACCOUNT — FATAL attack in Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles — 1 August 2011”

  1. Shireen Says:

    You Government of the Seychelles should take good care about all these sharks who’s biting people when swimming. There should be a law for all the one who have yatch, boats etc. not to use our beautiful cristal sea as dust bin. Thank u.

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