UPDATE – Seychelles FATAL shark attack – 1 August 2011

This is just a brief update to this story which has received a lot of attention on the SharkAttackMonitor.

The Shark Attack File names the victim who died following a shark attack at Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles as Nicolas Virolle, age 36.

From a series of witness accounts it is clear that he was snorkelling off Anse Lazio on Praslin island, Seychelles when the attack took place around 3.30pm on Monday 1 August 2011.

It is not known what species of shark it was or how big it was.

He suffered a massive bite to his left thigh – from the knee to the hip exposing the bone. He was brought ashore by two Seychellois in a small boat. It appears he died from blood loss before an ambulance could get to the scene.

Some locals say the shark was attracted into the bay by fish waste that was thrown overboard from boats anchored off Anse Lazio.

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One Comment on “UPDATE – Seychelles FATAL shark attack – 1 August 2011”

  1. Symo Says:

    2nd shark attack occurred at anse lazio today (16th August). Another man killed

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