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INJURED – 17 July 2010 — Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, US – swimmer attacked

19 July, 2010

Kendall Parker, 13, was in waist deep water off Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, in the US, when she was bitten on the right lower arm by what is believed to be a 4-5 foot sand tiger shark. The incident occurred around 1.30pm on Saturday, 17 July 2010.

 She was taken to Cape Fear Hospital where she received 40 stitches and was discharged.

No other details were reported.


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INJURED – 25 June 2010 – Topsail Island, North Carolina, US – swimmer attacked

8 July, 2010

Carley Schlentz, 13, was bitten by a shark twice near the top of her left leg, while swimming Friady afternoon 25 June 2010, off Topsail Island, North Carolina, US.

She told media she “felt like something grabbed my foot but then it got really sharp and it wasn’t letting go. So I pulled away and by then it had already bitten me twice. Then I pulled it out to see what it was and it was pretty bad. The ligament was spread out and you could see it”.

She was taken to Cape Fear Hospital where she received 60 stitches.

No other details were reported.

Source: Fox8