The Shark Attack Monitor — started in June 2005 — logs all reported shark attacks around the world from minor scrapes to fatal attacks.

3 Comments on “About”

  1. eli fuller Says:

    hi there, i am from antigua in the caribbean island of antigua and have seen an email floating around for about 10 days that shows a woman in a blue bikini on the beach in about 4 inches of water after being dragged out of the water. her arm has been cut off and there are huge gashes in her side. the email says that she was killed by a shark in antigua. i know this isn’t true and am interested to see if this is a shark attack at all. i have a feeling it may have been a boating accident with the damage caused by a prop. anyway, i’d like to email you the images to see if you think it’s actually a shark attack that you know about.

  2. Jimmy McDonald-Jones Says:

    1.5m shark had a nibble of me at flinders last night about 4.30. Fought him off and received only 3 minor wounds to my hand but my wetsuit is cactus with the bite mark being bigger than a basket ball around on my lower back. My mate Brenton Mitchell paddle into the carnage to pull me to shore.

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