INJURED – 16 May 2012 – Matacucu Reef near Taveuni, Fiji – spearfisherman attacked

Tevita Naborisi, 20, was bitten on the right side of his head by an unidentified shark while spearfishing with a group at Matacucu Reef near Taveuni, Fiji.

The incident took place on May 16, 2012.

His cousin who was in the spearfishing group said Naborisi strayed from the rest of the group before the shark bit him.

“He had speared a donu when the shark attacked him from his right side,” his cousin is quoted as saying.

“The shark bit his head but he managed to fend the shark away.

“The shark had bitten into the right side of Tevita’s temple in the first attack. The shark came around a second time but Tevita managed to push the shark away.”

Naborisi swam 50 metres to the nearest man in the group who then called the boat which was another 50 metres away.

According to the report Naborisi was recovering at Waiyevo Hospital in Taveuni.

Fiji Times

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  1. All these stories facinate me..

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