SHAKEN – 20 October 2011 — South Beach State Park, Newport, Oregon, US – surfer attacked

Bobby Gumm's board with a 20-inch shark bite taken out of it.

Great White Shark Attacks Surfer from News-Times Newspaper on Vimeo.

Bobby Gumm (age not reported) was apparently flung 10 foot in the air when a shark attacked him while he was surfing. He was uninjured but the shark took a huge bite out of his board. From the size of the bite – about 20 inches — shark experts reckon it was 16-20 foot long and believed to be a great white.

The incident took place on Thursday afternoon 20 October 2011 at South Beach, Newport, Oregon, United States.

A friend in the water with Gumm when the shark attacked is quoted as saying:

“Today, we all felt something out there and I see big sea lions racing past me, and I thought it was a safe thing but it really wasn’t.

“All of a sudden my friend said ‘help’ and it looked like piranha just churning the water,” Clifford said, “It just looked like a frenzy, then a two foot fin in the water, and then it lifted my friend 10 feet up into the air and I wanted to help him but it was a frenzy, so we just paddled in and made sure he was okay.

“I was scared for my life. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was like witnessing an almost murder.”

Gumm and the three friends he was surfing with paddled back to shore unharmed.

“It felt like eternity, it was in slow motion. It breaks about two football fields to see, and it takes about a football field of no waves to get in, and that was the slowest time in my life.”

There was no quotes from Gumm and no other details were reported.




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