FATAL – 19 September 2011 — Boucan Canot beach, Reunion – surfer attacked

Boucan Canot beach, Reunion. -- Photo credit: Philippe Amiot

Mathieu Schiller, 32, was dragged off his surfboard while surfing off Boucan Canot beach on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion. The attack by a tiger shark reportedly lasted less than 30 seconds. His body was not recovered.

The incident happened on Monday 19 September 2011.

Schiller, a European team body boarding champion in 1995, was surfing with a group of surfers when the attack happened.

Witness report:

There were around 20 people in shallow water and about five surfers out deeper when it happened.

We saw the shark’s nose emerge and then the man just vanished. It was very sudden, then the animal just swam off.

According to other witness accounts the shark circled Schiller before moving in “with terrifying speed”.

Witness report:

I was waiting for a wave with my feet in the water. We saw the shark and the next thing I knew was that he screamed and raised his arm.

We then saw a cloud of red blood in the water where he had been.

Reports differ about what happened next. Some say the surfers then managed to get Schiller, who was suffering from a gaping wound in his leg, back onto his board. One  report says that the shark, which had become frenzied because of blood in the water, returned and hit the surfboard, knocking the victim back into the water. Another report says that a wave hit the board and Schiller fell off and disappeared beneath the surface.

Rescuers in a dinghy searching later for the body reported that a 4 metre bull shark had struck the dinghy trying to overturn it.

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The Local

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3 Comments on “FATAL – 19 September 2011 — Boucan Canot beach, Reunion – surfer attacked”

  1. Sander C Says:

    why did the french authorities had to kill the shark. FCS. I mean i am a fan ofMathieu Schiller. But stil its strange that we want to kill the shark, while WE are in his territory?? you must be aware of that when you are surfing. There can be sharks out there.. You also can haven babies when you have intercourse.. Ypu know..

  2. olsensintheorient Says:

    You missed the attack on 29 Sept in South Africa when the British guy ignored warnings to stay out the water and hey presto he lost his legs http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/16078998

    BTW I have been following your blog for years and absolutely love it. But a question: how come you go for days without an entry then put a whole load up at once? And how do you do your research on attacks?

    Keep up the good work!
    Sam, Hong Kong

    • Callan Says:

      Hi Sam

      I do this on the side of a busy work schedule, so unfortunately cannot always post straight after an attack, although i try to. I am aware of the attack in South Africa, thanks – and another one in the US which I must still post. I use an RSS news feed from various news sources and a couple of other web sites to double check if i may have missed news of an attack.

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