INJURED – 11 August 2011 – Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, US – swimmer attacked

Donnie White, 54, was bitten on the lower right let by what is thought to be an 8-foot bull shark after jumping overboard a fishing boat to “cool off” during a fishing trip. The incident happened about 7-10 miles offshore of Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, US at around 2.20pm Thursday 11 August 2011.

Don White was bitten on the right leg by a shark while swimming near his fishing boat.

According to the report he had finished swimming around and was heading back to the ladder on the boat when the shark bit his leg. There was report on the severity of the ite wound.

He was taken ashore and transported to Carteret General Hospital by paramedics where he underwent surgery and was sent home a few days later to recover.

No other details were reported.

UPDATE – 15 August 2011

Don White describes the attack that took place as he swam near his fishing boat.

“All of a sudden I felt severe pressure like a strike on my right foot.”

His son pulled him back in the boat as water around him turned red with his blood. There were several sharks swimming around the boat “lots of activity”, the son was quoted a saying.

White needed 120 stitches to close his wounds.



Daily News

PIC source:
Daily News

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