UPDATE to FATAL shark attack at Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles on 1 August 2011

This is a translation from the French, from a witness – Dominique Pothin – to the shark attack in Seychelles reported on SharkAttackMonitor.

The original French version is published on clicanoo.re

UPDATE (8 August 2011)
Belo, who lives on the beach where the attack took place – wrote to SharkAttackMonitor. She said the French man was 35 years old. She sat with him when he was brought ashore. And that he died from a severe bite wound on his left leg. She said nothing like this has happened on this beach in the past 40 years.

This is the account of Dominique Pothin.

First, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family of the French tourist who died from a shark attack in Praslin (Seychelles, Anse Lazio) August 1, 2011.

Let me emphasize that:

– This is not due to an accident caused by a boat propeller

– The tourist was not diving. He was about 40 or 50 m from the shore, maybe he had a mask and snorkel. We think not. He was swimming simply as would a woman, a child, my wife or myself or a baby with his parents.
(Il nageait tout simplement comme l’aurait fait une femme, un enfant, ma femme ou moi-même voire un bébé avec ses parents.)

– The ambulance took nearly 40 minutes to arrive at the scene. There was no aid station nearby, no stretcher.

Just two Seychellois in a boat were very brave (they deserve national recognition) and some people, in particular a woman who tried to help. The bite was so bad that there was probably nothing that could be done to save him.

Here is my testimony:

We were on the beach, before the “Bonbon Plume” renowned restaurant on the corner. There were dozens of tourists on the beach. Around 3:30 p.m. It had been beautiful since the morning. If there had been a flag, it would have been green. Shortly before the attack, we were in the water within 20 m from where the attack on the tourist took place. The sea was beautiful, clear water, pleasant. There were several catamarans anchored in the cove and even a kind of cruise ship and some boats.

The man was swimming in front of us, about 50 metres from the beach. He was not [spear] fishing underwater. There was no boat nearby. He therefore did not suffer, as I read in the press, a collision with a propeller. It seems to me that he had no mask or snorkel – in any case, certainly not flippers.

He was swimming a little further away from other swimmers but not very far from the shore. At one point he started screaming and even had some sort of nervous laughter bordering on hysteria. We thought he was an idiot.

He ended up calling “for help” and he clearly said “shark”. Then for a very short time we did not see him. He was taken to the bottom. The water become all red around him. He then reappeared. Two Seychellois in a fishing boat came to his rescue. The poor man barely had the strength to lift an arm. The two Seychellois, who showed exemplary courage, managed to get to him and bring him back to the beach. My wife, like many others, went to see the boat. The victim had almost no belly. I went to the restaurant and asked to call for help. Someone else had already called an ambulance. The victim remained in this boat more than half an hour – both legs and feet dangling over the side. That’s how I saw he had no fins. We were looking for a doctor. A lady, who could have been a doctor, finally got into the boat and she had an umbrella to protect the poor man from the sun. This gesture seemed ridiculous, but at the same time full of humanity.

This is presumably Belo – who commented on the original SharkAttackMonitor report:
In response to the tragic shark incident in Seychelles, if only to ease the loved ones left behind, i held the man’s hand and stayed with him until the ambulance came. May he rest in peace.

A tourist at the back of the boat said there was nothing left to do. The swimmer was dead. There was evidently no one in the water. People were standing on the beach, staring. Some cried, others were prostrate. I thought about my son, the fragility of things. We came straight back to the hotel. The taxi driver who brought us had also witnessed this terrible scene.

He had never heard of such an attack, much less at Praslin’s Anse Lazio. He told us that the shark was there because the boats anchored in the cove were dumping their waste overboard.

— Dominique Pothin

 Source: clicanoo.re

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14 Comments on “UPDATE to FATAL shark attack at Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles on 1 August 2011”

  1. BG Says:

    I was on shore when the shocking attack happened. His wound was not caused by a boat – we all agreed that it must have been a shark attack given the wound on his leg. I too have heard from a local that the shark must have been attracted by the waste left by the boats. May he rest in peace.

  2. kelvintan88 Says:

    Wow this is shocking news. I visited Anse Lazio beach on my days off when I lived in Seychelles. The water is shallow and very clear, usually with quite a few people around. I guess you can never be too careful.

  3. Jeff Wain Says:

    A tragedy in paradise – just goes to show that we live in a world of uncertainties!!

    Condolences to his family.

  4. marieve Says:

    It’s good to read the real story, instead of all the other stories on the internet. I was on the beach too, tried to help him, but unfortunately we couldn’t do anything for him. Indeed there were no boats and absolutely no deep sea diving. He just went into the sea, because of his last day. He left his bag behind the bar at the restaurant. In our hotel they said; maybe it was a white female shark, just dropped her baby and he had so many bad luck, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it could have been happen to any of us on the beach. Also they have seen a white shark about 3 meters long, they saw the shark 2 days after the accident.

    May he rest in peace, condolences to his family!

  5. nylonic Says:

    Absolute sympathies extended to family regarding this. However, there’s no bad luck reasons to complicate what is completely natural. Sharks live in the sea, its their home, they’re carnivores.

  6. nismo Says:

    Another shark attack at anse lazio today. Another tourist from Britain killed by shark.

  7. dudu Says:

    what happened … I also heard. So scary!

  8. cerveza Says:

    second shark attack in this wonderful place this afternoo 16th of august . Congratulation to the seychellois authrity !

  9. Tightly Says:

    Yeah, just read some reports on various sites, evidently a 30 y.o brit, attacked and killed in the same vicinity. This is getting like something out of ‘jaws’. Surely the town officials will be in for roasting for not making people aware the poor french chap was killed just a few weeks ago in the same area. This is what happens when officials and the tourist board try to ‘cover up’, it always comes back to haunt you. Commiserations, condolancies and sympathies extended to both families involved in this.

  10. Marilyn Levey Says:

    ‘Congratulations to the Seychelles Authority?’ I rather think the word should be ‘condemnation’ …… one French tourist dies in horrific circumstances and a boat propeller is blamed? And now, a second tourist has met with the same fate. This is truly dreadful and a total disregard for life by the ‘Authorities’ ….. stuff the Tourist industry. How many more people are going to die before something is done about the ‘dumping of waste’ into the ocean which, clearly, attracts the shark. It isn’t the fault of the animal involved ….. humans are to blame.

  11. Sue Palmer Says:

    We have visited Seychelles 8 times in the past 14 years. Everytime we visit Anse Lazio and have snorkelled without fear in the beautiful waters. We are returning this December and I can honestly say I don,t think I will be snorkelling as we once did. sadnes fill my heart for the 2 tourists thatbhave been savaged. We send condolences to both families. I too have seen many boats anchored at Anse Lazio and do wonder wether they dump waste into the sea….this would naturally draw predetors …as it is a very very easy meal and thats not rocket science. We just pray that this predetor is captured swifly . The Seychellois depend on Tourisim and this could really have an impact on many, many peoples lives. Father God would you allow favour to rest upon the Seychelles- Praslin, La Digue and Mahe and bring comfort to those who saw the horrendous injuiries and heard the terrible screams. To all family memebers that has suffered loss of tose they love so dearly.

  12. Angela Says:

    I live in South Africa and I send my condolences to all the loved ones left behind. However, I am a lover of sharks and find it very disturbing that the authorities want to hunt the shark down now. It’s not the sharks fault. The shark belongs in the ocean. The authorities should have warned the public after the first attack and they should have done something long ago about the yachts, etc, dumping their waste in the ocean. This is a truly sad story, more so because, had caution rather than greed played it’s role, these incidents could probably have been avoided.

  13. paul Says:

    I was in Praslin in august and I can tell you that authorities didn’t warned people at all. Mnay people didn’t have news about the first attack. Only after the second attack there were 3 police-man in Anse Lazio but you can’t see at all a sign written “dangerous – shark in the sea- avoid to swim”
    probably the second incident could have been avoided

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