FATAL – 19 June 2011 – Playa Grande, Costa Rica – surfer attacked

Playa Grande, Costa Rica - site of fatal shark attack on Kevin Moraga

Playa Grande, Costa Rica - site of fatal shark attack on Kevin Moraga

Kevin Moraga, 15, died from wounds from a shark attack on Sunday 19 June 2011.

He was surfing with friends at Playa Grande, a well known surf spot in the northwestern province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica when he was bitten on his left thigh at 12.15pm, according to media reports.

The reports are a bit sketchy, but say he was transferred on Wednesday 22 June to Hospital Mexico in San José after slipping into a coma following massive blood loss. He died at this hospital the following day from a cerebral edema (fluid on the brain).

It is not reported, what type of shark is it was, how he exited the water and which hospital he went to initially. A spokesperson from the Red Cross is quoted as saying he had a “considerable wound” on his left thigh.

No other details are reported.


Tico Times
Big Pond News

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4 Comments on “FATAL – 19 June 2011 – Playa Grande, Costa Rica – surfer attacked”

  1. CBToday Says:

    I enjoy keeping up with your blog. Just curious, have you considered started a Facebook page so we can track stories via that method? I bet it would be a popular page.

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  2. hey… i live in costa rica for many years… and have NEVER heard of a verified shark attack here before… where or who can i contact to ask the question… how safe is swimming in the ocean in costa rica… how many shark attacks are or have been reported here…? glenhsmith@yahoo.com or glenharlansmith@gmail.com

    • Callan Says:

      I think this is the first shark attack in Costa Rica i’ve cme across in the past 5 years since doing this blog. I really wouldn’t worry about swimming. Shark attacks in general are pretty rare events – considering how many people swim and surf in the sea every day.

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