SCARED – 25 May 2011 — Lyman Beach, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii – surfer attacked

Theresa Fernandez - escapes shark attack

Theresa Fernandez - narrowly escaped a shark attack while surfing in Hawaii

Theresa Fernandez escaped inury when a shark bit down on the back of her surfboard while she was surfing at Lyman Beach, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The incident happened on Wednesday 25 May 2011 and comes three days after a paddle boarder and grandson were knocked off their board by a shark at Lyman Beach.

She told HawaiiNewsNow she said she was paddling out for one of her last waves of the day.

“There’s a big thud on the bottom of my board, and I’m thinking, ‘okay, we have encounters with turtles all the time’. And next thing I know, the thud is followed by a big yank from the back of my board, backwards and down.

“Half my board and my body went under the water, and I just started to paddle as strong as I could to try and get away.”

The shark let go and she paddle to shore and alerted others.

“I don’t think she got to have eye to eye contact with the shark like I did,” said Alayna DeBina, the paddle boarder who was knocked off her board three days earlier, “but from what I hear, she was surfing and luckily she had her legs up in the air on the board at that point, and the shark apparently bit her board from the back and shook it up real good and then let it go, probably because the skeg poked it in its mouth.”

A shark specialist studied the bite and said it appeared to be a tiger shark. The report said tests were still being done to determine the size of the shark.


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