FATAL – 21 May 2011 – Leven Point, near Cape Vidal, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – spearfisherman attacked

Warren Smart died from a shark attack while spearfishing

Warren Smart, 28, died from bite wounds to his thigh received from a shark attack while spearfishing at Leven Point, 23km north of Cape Vidal and 57km south of Sodwana, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The incident happened on Saturday 21 May 2011.

The shark is presumed to have been a Zambezi (bull) shark.

Smart was diving with two friends when the attack happened around midday. His friends managed to hoist him onto the dive boat and they raced to shore. He died from blood loss while medics on shore were attending is wound.

According to media reports, Smart had speared a king mackerel about 12m down and was in the process of pulling it towards him to get it off the spear. But then the shark, which had been after the struggling fish, struck, biting Smart on the thigh.

His diving friend was quoted as saying: “It all happened in a split second. Warren did not see the shark in time.

“But by the time we pulled him into the boat, he had already lost so much blood from his artery.”

It took them about 40 minutes to reach the shore.

Ambulance services were waiting for them and an air ambulance arrived about five minutes later.

Medics tried to stabilise him but could not get a drip in because Smart’s veins had collapsed from a loss of blood.

Smart was declared dead an hour later, according to the report.



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One Comment on “FATAL – 21 May 2011 – Leven Point, near Cape Vidal, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – spearfisherman attacked”

  1. Gregg Smith Says:

    Sorry to Warren and family.
    This is a chance we take when entering the blue yonder.
    I was buzzed by a Zambezi a few years ago in Mozambique whilst on my board,i got lucky.
    Don’t blame the shark

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