Surfer speaks about his shark attack experience

Shark attack victim, Dave Pearson shows off his bandaged arm and damaged surfboard

Dave Pearson was bitten on the arm by a shark while surfing at Headland Beach, near Crowdy Head, New South Wales, Australia, on 23 March 2011. Read the original report on Shark Attack Monitor.

He spoke to the Manning River Times about his ordeal.

He had been in the water for less than 10 minutes and had caught three quick waves in succession when shark attacked.

“I remember getting hit, it felt like a freight train,” he says.

“Then I looked down and saw blood everywhere but that’s about where it ends for a while.

“It stunned me and all I was thinking was that I need to get out of the water.”

Although the species of shark is yet to be identified, it has been narrowed down to either a mako or a bull shark.

The animal launched itself out of the water from Dave’s right and ended up landing across the front of him with his left arm in its mouth.

He says he plans to get back in the water.

“How many people have you heard of getting bitten twice?” he joked.

Manning River Times

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