Survivor speaks publicly of horrific shark attack

Lisa Mondy shark attack victim

Lisa Mondy returns to the beach where she was brought ashore following a horrific shark attack in which she almost lost her arm.

Lisa Mondy was wakeboarding when she fell and was attacked by shark on 16 March 2011.

Read the Shark attack Monitor report of the incident.

Mondy told the Daily Telegraph of the terrifying moment the shark latched on to her face and ripped open her chin and neck.

It swam off, only to return and grab her left arm, nearly ripping it from her shoulder.

She had just fallen from her wakeboard, and was waiting for the boat to turn back and pick her up, when she was attacked. When the great white released its grasp on her face, Mondy barely had a chance to catch her breath before the monster did an about-turn and had a second bite.

The shark grabbed her left arm, shredding it so badly doctors first feared the only option for the young survivor would be to have it amputated.

“I didn’t see it coming, the first I knew was when it grabbed my face. As weird as it sounds, the first thing I thought was ‘Hey, I’ve always stuck up for sharks, why are you doing this to me?’.”

Through her recovery Mondy was visited by another shark attack survivor, David Pearson, a surfer mauled a week later at Crowdy Head.

“It’s like I’ve joined some elite club for shark attack victims,” she joked. “Dave was in hospital at the same time as me, so he came and saw me. It was really nice.” She has also been contacted by Paul de Gelder, a navy diver who lost his right hand and part of his right leg in a shark attack near Garden Island, in Sydney Harbour, in February 2009.

Read Lisa Mondy’s shark attack survival story here…

PIC source:
Daily Telegraph

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