INJURED – 30 October 2010 – Garden Island Naval Base, near Rockingham, Western Australia

Shark victim Elyse Frankcom

Elyse Frankcom, 19, was bitten on the hip and left buttocks by a great white shark while snorkelling with a few other divers off Garden Island Naval Base, near Rockingham, Western Australia. Reports say she suffered puncture wounds, but no loss of flesh. The incident happened at 12.30 pm on Saturday 30 October 2010.

The media praised an unidentified man as a hero after grabbed the tail of the 3-metre great white in an attempt to pull it off Frankcom. The shark subsequently released its grip and swam away. Witnesses at the scene said it was unlikely she would have survived had he not bravely intervened.

“As the shark bit her, it brushed aside a fairly large male who grabbed hold of the tail of the shark, which then made it let go,” said Frank Pisani, Fremantle Sea Rescue senior skipper, one of the first rescuers on scene.

“The girl then started to sink to the bottom and he grabbed her and brought her to the surface and got her back on board the boat. He certainly was instrumental in making this a good outcome.”

Pisani said there was a paramedic on the boat, but no first-aid equipment, so sea rescue volunteers worked to stabilise the badly bleeding victim.

“We used all our first-aid equipment and did all we could to stem the bleeding before the RAC rescue helicopter arrived,” he said.

“There were very deep puncture wounds, quite wide but there was no actual loss of flesh.”

The unidentified 'hero' who pulled the shark of Frankcom

The unidentified 'hero' who pulled the shark of Frankcom

Another witness said they had been swimming in quite shallow water about 7 metres of water. They had two dolphins right by Frankcom’s side and we believe this shark has come in from the bottom and grabbed hold of her. Frankcom had been hosting a swim-with-the-dolphins tour for Rockingham Wild Encounters when the shark attacked.

This witness said Frankcom also punched the shark on the nose.

She was taken to Royal Perth Hospital where she was said to be recovering well.

The Daily Telegraph


PIC Source: PerthNow

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