FATAL – 17 August 2010 – South Point, Gracetown, Western Australia – surfer attacked

South Point, Western Australia

A 31-year-old man (name not immediately released) died of his wounds after being bitten on the right leg by a shark while surfing at South Point near Gracetown, Western Australia. He was apparently surfing alone.

The attack occurred around 8.15am local time on Tuesday 17 August 2010.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, a local resident saw the attack and saw the man come off his board. He rushed down to the beach with some friends and found the man washed up on the rocks with a big gash in his right leg. He was unconscious. They applied a tourniquet with a surfboard leash and waited for an ambulance to arrive.

The man was taken to Margaret River Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The eye witness said there were seals in the bay at the time of the attack.

No other details were reported.

Expect an UPDATE later…

Apparently his board was bitten in half – must have been a humungous shark!

UPDATE 18 August 2010.

A policeman holds Nick Edwards' board after the fatal attack

The surfer’s name was Nick Edwards. Witnesses said his thigh and calf were totally shredded.

The shark was believed to have been a great white.

There were about 4 other surfers in the water who paddled ashore when a surfer on land shouted “Shark, shark” after seeing the victim on the rocks.

Sydney Morning Herald
Daily Mail

Daily Mail

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One Comment on “FATAL – 17 August 2010 – South Point, Gracetown, Western Australia – surfer attacked”

  1. hisham Says:

    it is very interesting and very scary going around your site, sometimes you wonder where is the safe place to have a nice and safe swim, my comment is that in some of the news on the fatal attacks they mention that a verdict was sentenced to exterminate the culprite shark and rarely we see fotos of the captured shark .
    i know that following any attack a slaughter starts and hundred of innocent sharks pay the price for a bite or even a fatal attack, so does it happen that the killer gets killed and where are the fotos then?? i read in one site that once a shark starts feeding on humans it becomes a habit and he is turned into an actual “man-eater” like lions, is it true

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