SCARED – 22 May 2010 – Queensbury Bay, East London, South Africa – surfer circled

Greg Emslie, South African pro surfer, faced off a 4-metre Great White shark while surfing at Queensbury Bay, East London, South Africa on Saturday 22 May.

The shark circled and charged him several times while he was on his board with feet and hands out of the water. He was uninjured, but terrified 2010

Emslie said he kept eye contact with the shark the whole time while remaining absolutely still throughout the ordeal which lasted about 3 minutes. He said the shark came so close he could have touched it.

He was quoted in the Daily Dispatch as saying:

“I am glad I stayed calm and still … if I tried to paddle away I think it would have gone for me.

 “When he came up next to me like a submarine, I thought I was dead.

“It came straight at me three or four times … it was so close, I could have touched it with my hands.

 “The only time I closed my eyes was to pray … when I opened them a wave came straight at me and I took one stroke and caught it [back to the shore].”


Daily Dispatch

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