INJURED – Ponta d’Ouro, southern Mozambique – 22 December 2009 – swimmer attacked

Peter Fraser, shark attackPeter Fraser, 27, survived a shark attack at Ponta d’Ouro, Mozambique in southern Mozambique by fighting off the shark with his hands when it returned to attack him a second time. He received wounds to his back, right shoulder, right upper arm, forearm, both hand and his chest. The incident occurred around 4.30pm on Tuesday 22 December 2009.

According to the “Marine Report” blog:

Fraser was swimming in the bay and caught a wave to shore. As he was exiting the shallow murky water, he felt something bump his leg. Thinking it was his girlfriend playing the fool, he thought nothing of it. However, the inquisitive shark came back at him, biting him on the right knee and causing him to fall to his knees in the half a metre of water.

The shark came at him again from his right hand side, biting him beneath the right shoulder and again on his back on the right hand side. The worst of his injuries were sustained when he fended the shark off with both his hands.

Peter then exited the water unassisted, where he was treated by a female paramedic who was on holiday at the same location.

“The shark bit down on his hands, resulting in deep cuts across all of his knuckles on his left hand, almost severing through three tendons on the top of his fingers. His right hand sustained less severe lacerations.”

Fraser told media:

“During the attack I felt nothing. It wasn’t sore. Only when I got out of the water and saw the blood did I realise how serious it was.

He said the attack lasted only seconds.

“I first felt the thing bump my legs, but I couldn’t see anything in the dark water. Only later, when I hit its head away, I realised it was a shark.

“One always hears what you should do during an attack, but in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t really think of anything. I just wanted to get away.

“We weren’t in deep; the water was about shoulder height. It was just a case of, we were in their [the sharks’] world, not them in ours.”

Fraser’s girlfriend Nicolene Latsky said the attack “really took us by surprise because Peter was in such shallow water, the shark’s back and dorsal fin were completely out of the water”.

She said there were many other bather around with one man on a lilo right next to Fraser. She estimated there were between 100-150 people swimming in the bay.

Fraser  estimated the shark was 2 metres long. It has been tentatively identified as a juvenile tiger shark.

Fraser was initially taken to a local first aid post and from there was airlifted by helicopter to Manguzi at Kosi Bay in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Thye could n’t traet him there and he was airlifted to Empangeni hospital, where they operated for four-and-a-half hours to close the wounds. He had a wound more than 20 cm long on his back.


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PIC Source:

News 24

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