INJURED – 31 July 2009 – near Abaco Key, Bahamas, Caribbean – Spearfisher attacked

shark_mitchell Derek Mitchell, 14, was bitten on the right leg by a bull shark while spearfishing north of Abaco Key, Bahamas on Friday 31 July 2009. Derek received 16 lacerations to his right leg and a damaged Achilles tendon. He was taken ashore by boat and flown to St Mary’s Medical Center in Florida, US, where he underwent surgery. He was expected to make a  full recovery.

"I saw the shark. It came up to me and turned away. Then, it came back around. I stuck my head out off the water to call my dad. That’s when it bit me," Derek told media.

"I didn’t even know I got bitten, I thought I just got bumped by the shark, it didn’t even go through my mind ’til I saw some blood.

"At first, I felt nothing. Then, it felt like a baseball bat hitting me. The shark seemed to be gnawing on me. It spun me around about 180 degrees. It all happened so fast.”

TC Palm

Photo credit: Dale Mitchell/PalmBeachPost

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