CLOSE SHAVE – reported 31 December 2008 – Seal Rocks, North Coast New South Wales, Australia – surfer attacked

shark-boogie A 10-year-old Boogie boarder Bayden Schumann had a close brush with a shark which bit off the top end of one of his swim fins, missing his toes by millimetres. He was completely unaware of the attack and only noticed a large piece of the swim fin missing when he got back on his board.

The incident was reported in the Great Lakes Advocate on 31 December 2008. It happened while he was surfing at Seal Rocks, North Coast New South Wales, Australia.

“I was just catching one of my last waves. I didn’t feel anything; I went through the wave and half my flipper was gone,” he said.

His father who was on the beach said: “He gave me his flipper, and went straight back out. I noticed two teeth marks on the top, then turned it and saw two more with scratches leading to them,” he said.

“I’ve tried to tear the material, but you can’t. It’s too strong.”

No-one thought much of it, until two hours later.

“We went to the next beach along. I looked down – I was pretty high up – and saw a seven-foot bronzey (bronze whaler shark) chasing whiting,” he said.


Great Lakes Advocate

Pic Source

Great Lakes Advocate

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