FATAL – 27 December 2008 — Port Kennedy, Western Australia – snorkeller attacked

Brian Guest, 51 was fatally attacked by what is presumed a Great White shark while snorkelling for crabs with his son in about 3 metres of water at Port Kennedy beach, Western Australia. The incident occurred around 7am on Saturday 27 December 2008. Guest’s body was never recovered despite several air and sea searches. Police found pieces of wetsuit believed to have been worn by Guest.

Witnesses on the beach told of seeing a ‘flash of fin’ but local man Luke Tubbs, who lives near the beach, described a horrific scene in which the shark could be seen with Guest’s body in its jaws, according to media reports.

While he did not witness the event personally, he said it had been described to him by another man who had run to his home to raise the alarm.

“He told me he just saw a big splash and then the shark roll over in the water with the guy — and then (he saw) no body or anything.”

Guest’s son was swimming some 20 feet from his father when the shark struck and while Daniel is understood not to have witnessed the actual attack, he realised his father was in trouble when he saw the water turn red with blood. He swam quickly to the beach, shouting for help.

Guest’s family asked for the shark to be left alone to ‘respect’ nature.


Courier Mail

Daily Mail

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