INJURED – 9 July 2008 — Emerald Isle, North Carolina, USA – swimmer attacked

Baileigh Foster, 14, was bitten on the right foot by a shark while swimming off Emerald Isle, North Carolina, US. Baileigh told media she was in waist-deep water at around 7.30pm when the shark bit her. It was Wednesday 9 July 2008.

She said she felt a sharp pain, “like being stabbed” on the top and bottom of her right foot.

She said the water was a little rough, and she had been pushed away from the rest of the group by about 10 feet. She and her cousin thought they saw something earlier that day that kind of looked like a lot of fish were swimming in one area but didn’t think it was anything to mention, she said.

“When I turned to go back to shore, it just bit me. There wasn’t any pulling. It was scary,” she said.

“It was just like 10 seconds. The shark just came up and bit me and let go like I was a small fish or something.”

Running out of the water screaming, she said no one thought anything was wrong because she had been screaming like that earlier while playing with cousins. But then her uncle looked at her face and saw her foot and yelled at all the other kids to get out of the water.

She underwent surgery at Carteret General Hospital to repair lacerations, a severed tendon and a fracture in her foot.


Jacksonville News

Caronlina Coast

Photo credit:
Dylan Ray
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