INJURED – 29 October 2007 – Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii – swimmer attacked

Aaron Finley, 32, was bitten on his left leg while swimming 30 metres offshore of the beach fronting the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii. The incident occurred at around 3.30pm on Monday 29 October 2007.

“It was like a hard bump,” Finley told media. He said after feeling the bump on his leg, he saw a gray body in the water below as it turned and swam away, and realised it was a shark.

“I was worried he would come back for me,” Finley said.

Not wanting to cause a scene, he said he began to swim in on his own and only yelled for help when he was about 20 metres from shore. Two men jumped in to help him.

The bite to his left leg stretched from the front of the lower leg halfway around the calf. There was another puncture wound above his left knee. The bite went deep enough to cause a chipped bone in the leg.

He was treated at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

The Maui News

Photo source:
The Maui News
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