INJURED — 14 August 2007 — Florida Keys, United States — swimmer attacked

Ashley Silverman, 19, suffered severe lacerations to her right arm after being attacked by a shark soon after she jumped from a boat into waters off the Florida Keys, US. The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon, 14 August 2007.

In an interview with CBS4 she explained she was in the water when suddenly she felt a tug on her right arm. “I didn’t see it. I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t know if I had gotten hit from a propeller or a boat or what it was.” She said she saw blood in the water. “I saw my bone and pieces of flesh in the water.”

Her boyfriend jumped in the water and pulled her out.

She was originally taken to Mariner’s Hospital and then airlifted to Kendall hospital, where she underwent surgery to close an eight-inch gash on her right arm.

The doctor who performed the surgery said the wound may have been caused by a bull shark.


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2 Comments on “INJURED — 14 August 2007 — Florida Keys, United States — swimmer attacked”

  1. Ashley Silverman Says:

    That is not at all how it happened. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT B4 POSTING ARTICLES ABOUT PEOPLE. Same goes for CBS, FOX, and all the other media that told my tragedy wrong because I told them too get the f**k out of my room at the hospital. -Ashley Silverman

    • Callan Says:

      Hi Ashley
      The shark attack monitor is simply a record of reported shark attacks. I apologise if it is incorrect – it is based on press reports. If the report is misleading please can you use this space to rectify it. Would greatly appreciate your account of what happened.
      thanks Callan

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