INJURED – 17 July 2007 – Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, US – wader attacked

A 30-year-old woman (name not released) was bitten on the right thigh and left foot while wading in waist deep water near Tar Landing Villas on Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, United States. The incident took place on Tuesday 17 July 2007.

People on the beach helped her to get out the water. She was treated at Carteret General Hospital and was expected to be released the same day.

The shark bite on her foot left triangular shaped teeth marks, according to the town fire chief.

No other details were reported.


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2 Comments on “INJURED – 17 July 2007 – Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, US – wader attacked”

  1. Leslie Worley Says:

    My name is Leslie Worley and I was the victim of the shark attack in Atlantic Beach, NC. I want to provide facts regarding the attack on July 17, 2007. I was wading in waist deep water when a shark bumped me on the right leg and then bit me on the inside of my left leg above the knee. I immediately kicked and it grabbed my right foot and bit me three times as I continued to kick. I never saw the shark as the water was murky. However, a friend was in the water with me and the shark swam toward her and she saw its dorsel fin. When I recovered from my injuries I met with Frank J. Schwartz Ph.D. at the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) in Moorehead City, NC and he believed the attack to be from a bull shark approximately 5-6 feet long.

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