DESCRIBED – Update to 22 April 2007 Hutchinson island shark attack

Matthew Honyak, 12, described the shark attack that took place on Hutchinson island, 22 April 2007. He was bitten on his left ankle by what authorites assume was a small bull shark while body surfing with friends a short distance from the shore.

He described the attack to media.

He said he was still underwater when he saw a shark’s mouth and then felt it clamp down on his ankle and yank back.

“I gave it a huge kick,” Matthew said. “I was just so scared. I just kicked as hard as I could.”

That kick stunned the shark, which let go, he said.

Another wave came and knocked Matthew to shore. He walked out onto the sand, blood gushing from his wound.

“I said, `I got bit by a shark. I got bit by a shark,'” he recalled.

“I was so shocked. I didn’t feel any pain.”

A lifeguard called paramedics, who took Matthew to the hospital where he received seven stitches to the wound.

Sun Sentinel

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