INJURED — 11 December 2006 — Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand — surfer attacked

Elliot Paerata-Reid, 10, was surfing with his father at Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand on Monday 11 December 2006 when he was bitten on the foot by a shark.

“I thought it was a rock at first, then it just came up and bit me,” Elliot told the New Zealand Herald.

The boy received cuts to the base and top of his foot.

His father Jamarl Paerata told the newspaper: “I just thought it was a sort of a nudge, but I heard Elliot say ‘get out, get out.’ I said to him ‘it’s just a small one’ but it rolled over and took off, and then I saw blood coming out of his foot.”

He said the shark was the same size as Elliot, but did not know what type of shark it was.

Elliot told the newspaper that his father ditched his own board, asking another surfer to take care of it, and immediately began paddling in to shore with him.

Ashore, medics stitched up the wounds on his foot.

Elliot told media it was a shame the summer had got off to such a frightening start, but would be back in the surf when his wounds had healed.

Raglan is one of New Zealand’s top surf spots and attracts surfers from around the world.

New Zealand Herald

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