INJURED — 16 September 2006 — Onslow Beach, North Carolina, US — surfer attacked

Jake Poland, 16, was bitten on the left thigh by a 2-3 foot shark while surfing with friends at Onslow Beach, North Carolina, United States. The minor attack took place on Saturday morning 16 September 2006.

Poland was treated at Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital.

He told media he had just got off his surfboard in waist deep water when he felt something hit him on the leg.

“A wave came in and it felt like it knocked my board into my leg,” he said. It wasn’t until a friend pointed out that his shorts were shredded that he noticed a deep gash. Poland said he walked out of the water, while his two friends went to get help.

He had a jagged gash on his left thigh that went through the muscle. It required 10 stitches to sow the wound together.

Paul Barrington, director of husbandry and operations for the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher told the Daily News in Jacksonville that shark bites are pretty rare in North Carolina.

“There have only been about seven to 10 documented cases in the last 30 years or so,” he said.

The Daily News

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