INJURED — 29 August 2006 — South Jetty, Florence, Oregon, US — surfer attacked

Surfer Tom Larson suffered minor cuts when a shark bit him twice on his foot while he was surfing around 8pm on the Oregon Coast.

The attack took place while he was surfing with friends at South Jetty, Florence.

Paramedics were quoted as saying the wounds were minor — (he had eight holes in his foot and received 35 stitches) — and that he was treated and released from Peace Harbor Hospital the same night.

Larson told KGW news: “It felt like a vise, or a bear trap even, right on my foot, and he started shaking it, and I knew it was a shark by then, so I started screaming, ‘shark!’ as loud as I could, because my friends were in the water, and I wanted them to get out.”

He said he beat the shark with his board until it let go and then he paddled to shore.

Larson said he didn’t feel pain: “I mean, the fear and the adrenaline was amazing because you see that fin, I didn’t see his face but I saw that fin, so I knew what was happening, and every surfer dreads that.”

No other details were reported.

KVAL 13 News

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