UPDATE – diver tells of attack in north Queensland Australia

In a later report the diver – Glen Simpson, 44, said he was spearfishing with his 15-year-old son Luke at a reef of Port Douglas when the attack happened.

Luke had just speared a trout when a few sharks appeared and a feeding frenzy began. One swam right up to Simpson’s face.

“I punched him with my left arm to get him out of my face,” Simpson told media.

“And as I did that I was thinking I got rid of him and another one came from behind and grabbed my right arm.”

Simpson told his son to swim for the boat which was 60 metres away because he was bleeding a lot. But Luke refused and helped his father to the boat.

After Luke had speared the trout “they started harassing me and dad a bit,” Luke said.

And then, “just out of nowhere, it was just like shark city,” Simpson told media.

“It was like something out of a movie,” he said.

“I consider myself very lucky, you know, especially with the mood the sharks were in.”

Simpson required dozens of stitches to a badly gashed left arm.

They both said they would continue spearfishing, but be more cautious.

The Sunday Mail

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