INJURED – Nahoon Reef, East London, South Africa – 25 November 2005 – surfer attacked

Ashley Milford, 26, suffered a small cut to his finger after being attacked by a shark while surfing at Nahoon Reef, East London, South Africa on Friday 25 November.

The attack took place at 11.30am after Milford had caught a wave, fallen off his board and had just started to paddle back to the take-off zone. The shark hit him from underneath and knocked him off his board. As it rose to take a bite Milford rammed his surfboard sideways into the shark’s mouth.

Milford told media the shark had a “squarish snout” indicating it could have been a Zambezi or Tiger shark.

The tooth marks on Milford’s board show a bite width of approximately 20 centimetres, according to the report. There was no estimate of the size of the shark.

The surfer told the press: “It was not an experience I’d wish on my worst enemy.”

There were no further details in the report.

Daily Dispatch

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